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Vampire Facelift

At Las Vegas Laser and Lipo, we understand that different people need different options, and so we now offer the latest techniques in anti-aging – Vampire FaceLifts® , Vampire Facials and Vampire breast lifts.


Dr. Z: This is Dr. Ed Zimmerman at Las Vegas Laser & Lipo, with one of my absolutely favorite patients, Nancy, who's flown in today for a Facelift. That's done very simply by classic Reynolds technique with one cc of undiluted Juvederm Ultra Plus. I've got a little 27 by 3/4" needle there, and I'm going to put it in the following areas. A 20th of a cc here, and then 1.5 tenths here, and then.5 going up towards the medial commissure, and then just a little bit here at the lower end of the nasolabial fold. We won't get near the canine fossa. That's where we'll put our PRP. A little dot here, and just a little in the corner of the lips just to show the pink part of the lips, to give her that youthful look.

Dr. Z: She's already a good-looking gal. We're just going to enhance that and make her a little better, so we're going to start off at the top with just a little ice here for a second. When she'd rather be shot than frozen, we'll put a.05 cc little tent pole of Juvederm Ultra Plus. That's going to go right here. Little pinch. Right down to the bone. And a 20th of a cc right there. Just enough to give it just a tiny little bit of arch. And relax. You can see that's given a little arch. She has a little hollow here, so I'm just going to press that ever so gently. It'll arch the brow, and when we put our PRP in, and then we're going to do a little bit of neuromodulator afterwards that'll all blend in.

Dr. Z: So next spot we're going to go is here. We're going to go straight down 1.5 tenths in a tent pole, and then.5 along the nasolabial fold. So I'm going to feel for the edge of zygoma here, and I'm going to come in a little bit of a diagonal. Just touch the periosteum there. That was.5. There's the one. And now I'm going to come just thread just a little bit pointing at the medial commissure. Medial canthus, sorry. So then from one insertion site, you can see how that lifts the cheek. We're not going to push hard on that. We're just going to hold gentle pressure. We're going to put a little drop here. So.05 ccs or a 20th of a cc right along the inferior and threaded along the nasolabial fold. Lovely. Okay. We're going to raise a dot right here. Just a little tent pole. You're doing great. Thanks for making me look good.

Nancy: You are good.

Dr. Z: And now we're going to ice this real well. We're going to put just.05,.05,.05 with the vermilion margin top and bottom, and the wet-dry margin on the lower lip, just threading in.05. We'll have used exactly half a cc of Juvederm Ultra Plus. Just going to be one little insertion site here. And then to support that lip, I'm going to come right along the wet-dry margin. It's a little uncomfortable there. I apologize. Voila. And you can see, compared to the other side, how that just lifts that quarter, gives her a little more pink showing.

Dr. Z: To create this location of this dot, what I did was I had her look straight ahead, and I stood in front of her, looked at her nose tip, and I drew a line up on the outside of the limbus and a line up on the inside of the limbus, and that's the center point of that. Now we're going to come down the zygoma..15 ccs as a tent pole coming out laterally. Women go laterally, men have anterior projection. And then.5 threaded along the tear trough. So.05. I'm sorry. There's our little tent pole. A little bit just subcutaneous for her tear trough. That just set up very nicely. A little dollop here, here, and here. Then three little injections at the corner of the lip and the Juvederm Ultra Plus is done. So threading and removing the margin. Good girl. Threading vermilion margin. And then right at the wet-dry. Last little bit. Fabulous. Excellent.

Dr. Z: Now we're going to advance one slide. So this slide we can see this is from a presentation I do, so we're going to use a half cc of PRP along the upper part of the lateral orbit, then we'll do about 1 cc to the cheek tear trough, another half cc to the nasolabial fold. We'll actually go up into the canine fossa, because it's safe to use PRP up there, then a little bit to the lateral chin. We've got about 5 ccs of PRP here. See, lovely. We're going to do this the same way. We're going to start here. This is just going to help the tissue grow and will rejuvenate the skin. She'll look better in two weeks even than she does today.

Dr. Z: PRP is very forgiving. It's more of an activator than a filler. Okay. Now we're going to come here. We're going to massage that in just a little bit. I can go in through the same insertion site. There's the cheek part. Because she's a little hollow under here, I'm going to put just a little under here. Ordinarily, I just put 1 cc in there. So I'm going below the navicularis oculi muscle and then just going to put a nice dollop of our PRP right there. Hold gentle pressure, massage it over to the medial canthus. Voila. Here's next. [inaudible 00:09:40] baby. Soft. A little bit here.

Dr. Z: You can see the difference between here and here and this side here. I'm just holding my finger on a little trying to be a bruise. All right, so we'll switch now. Okay. We'll do the same thing on the other side here. A half cc threaded underneath the navicularis oculi. Do here. Just put it in insertion site here. So a half cc here. A little bit here. Here. Then our last little half cc'll go right here. Okay. Push it down a bit. Better?

Dr. Z: Then we'll show her. So softened the wrinkles under here, lifted the chin, lifted the brow, softened this, and filled that in.

Nancy: Very nice. Thank you.

Dr. Z: You're welcome.

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