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Achieve Your Body Goals with Cellulite Reduction Treatment and Body Contouring

Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas

Summer has started and with mandates relaxing more people are out to enjoy their well-deserved vacations. This means a lot will want to have “summer bodies'' or “beach bodies." Thankfully Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas is here to help you achieve your body goals. Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman is pleased to offer QWO cellulite treatment and EMSculpt Body Contouring in Las Vegas for those seeking to remove fat and cellulite.

Las Vegas Cellulite Reduction Treatment

Melt away your cellulite with QWO® injections at Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas!

The first and only FDA approved treatment for cellulite, QWO® is clinically proven to reduce moderate to severe cellulite commonly found in the leg and buttocks areas. This is a non-surgical cellulite reduction treatment that uses injectable collagense enzymes that helps dissolve and release the tethers causing cellulite dimples.

Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas' non-surgical cellulite reduction is safe and effective for most men and women. Ideal candidates most likely to benefit from this procedure tend to be:

- At healthy stable weights

- Have reasonable skin elasticity

- Have cellulite on their buttocks, hips or thighs

Treatment entails 3 comfortable sessions 3 weeks apart from each other. In the past, cellulite was basically impossible to address, but today, you can receive tangible, excellent results from non-surgical and non-invasive methods with Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas' cellulite reduction treatment.

Las Vegas EMSCULPT Body Contouring

Trying to get rid of stubborn layers of fat that just won't go despite dieting and exercise? Looking to tone up your abdomen or buttock? EMSCULPT Body Contouring at Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas was designed to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

EMSCULPT is ideal for patients who are wanting to eliminate small amounts of stubborn fat and contour their body without the downtime or scarring associated with more invasive fat reduction procedures. It is beneficial for both men and women who are wanting to sculpt their stomach and/or buttocks for a more toned appearance.

EMSCULPT is a noninvasive treatment to help simultaneously burn fat and build muscle to sculpt and contour the body. Using HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology, EMSCULPT promotes muscle contractions to increase and build muscle at a cellular level. With EMSCULPT, patients can achieve a more toned appearance to the abdomen or buttocks. This results in the remodeling of the inner structure of the muscle and the construction of new muscle fibers.


To learn more about these treatments, contact Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas in Nevada to schedule a consultation with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman. During your consultation, we will discuss what results you can expect from our procedures and help determine if you are a candidate for the treatment.


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