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How Often Can You Do RF Skin Tightening?

Surgical facelifts can provide beautiful, stunning results, especially when done by an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Zimmerman. However, not everyone is keen on making such a big commitment. If you’re looking for a way to lift, tone, and tighten your skin without surgery, RF skin tightening may be the solution for you. The best part? It’s relatively quick and painless with minimal downtime.


What is RF Skin Tightening?

RF skin tightening is a non-invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to heat the deep layer of your skin (dermis). This heat stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that are responsible for the skin's firmness and elasticity.

RF skin tightening can be used to treat a variety of skin concerns, including:

wrinkles and fine lines
sagging skin
loose skin
stretch marks


RF Skin Tightening Benefits

The benefits of RF skin tightening are numerous and can be quite appealing to those looking for a non-surgical alternative to a facelift. Here are just a few:

Improved skin elasticity: By boosting collagen production, RF skin tightening can enhance the skin's elasticity. The result? The skin becomes firmer and more toned.

Reduction in wrinkles: As new collagen and elastin are produced, these proteins plump and tighten the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Most patients are amazed by their new glow post-treatment.

Contouring effects: After a few succeeding treatments, more collagen is produced and continues to tighten the skin. This natural tightening effect can reduce the appearance of sagging and create a more defined and contoured look.

Minimal downtime: Unlike invasive surgeries, RF treatments usually require no significant downtime. Most patients can return to their regular activities almost immediately.

Safe for all skin types: RF treatments are generally safe for a variety of skin types and tones, which makes it an inclusive option for many.


What Happens During an RF Treatment?

When you go in for an RF skin tightening session, a practitioner will typically start by cleansing the area to be treated and applying a topical numbing cream to minimize discomfort. Once the skin is prepped, your practitioner will use a handheld device to deliver radiofrequency waves into the targeted areas. Patients often describe the sensation as a warm, deep-heating feeling. Sessions usually last from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the area we’re treating.

Immediate Post-Treatment Care

Post-treatment care for RF skin tightening is relatively straightforward. We advise you to do the following:

Cool: After the treatment, your skin may feel warm and appear red, similar to a sunburn. Using a cool compress can help alleviate this sensation.

Hydrate: Drink plenty of water to help your skin heal and regenerate. Proper hydration is crucial for maintaining skin elasticity and encouraging collagen production.

Use gentle skincare: Use only mild and soothing skincare products immediately after the treatment. Avoid anything with strong active ingredients like retinoids or high concentrations of vitamin C.

Avoid Touching: Try to avoid touching the treated area unnecessarily to prevent irritation.

12 Hours Post-Treatment

Avoid sun exposure: Keep the treated area out of the sun. If you must go outside, wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30. Wearing protective clothing and seeking shade is also advisable.

No makeup: It’s best to avoid applying makeup for at least 12 hours to allow the skin to breathe and reduce the risk of clogging the pores.

Avoid the heat: Stay away from hot environments such as saunas, steam rooms, and hot showers. Excessive heat can further irritate the skin.


How Often Can You Have RF Skin Tightening?

Now, to address the burning question: How often can you undergo RF skin tightening? The frequency of RF skin tightening treatments will vary depending on your skin, what you want to achieve, and the specific device used.

Most providers recommend starting with a series of treatments, spaced about a month apart. This series could be anywhere from 3 to 6 sessions, but many individuals see results even after their first treatment. Once you've completed the initial series, you can get maintenance treatments every 6 to 12 months to maintain the results.


How Long Do Results from RF Last?

The longevity of RF skin tightening results will depend on a few things, like your age, skin condition, and lifestyle. Collagen remodeling takes time, so you may not see the full effects of the treatment for 2-6 months after the initial series. But the results can last up to two years! That’s the beauty of it. Since the aging process continues, maintenance treatments can help keep the results going even longer.


How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of RF skin tightening varies a lot depending on where you live, how experienced the practitioner is, and how big the area you're treating is. On average, you can expect to pay between $1,000 and $4,000 for a series of treatments. Some clinics offer package deals or financing plans to make it more affordable. Check out our November Specials.


RF Skin Tightening Las Vegas

Dr. Zimmerman of the Aesthetic Revolution is one of the best providers of RF skin tightening treatments in the Las Vegas area. He is a globally renowned cosmetic surgeon with decades of experience, offering outstanding aesthetic care to men and women.

Aesthetic Revolution LV serves patients in and around Las Vegas including Henderson, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, and the surrounding communities of Clark County.

RF Skin Tightening Before and After
When it comes to results, Dr. Zimmerman’s beautiful collection of RF skin tightening before and after photos will speak for themselves.

The patient came to Dr. Zimmerman desiring to improve her neck bands. She received two submental platysmaplasty from another provider, however, she has not been completely satisfied.

Dr. Zimmerman discussed all of her options. The patient and Dr. Zimmerman both agreed to proceed with a Submental Platysmaplasty with Radiofrequency microneedling (Profound RF) and PRP (Platelet-rich plasma.) She is very pleased with her results and stated she couldn't be happier.

Female in her late 50s came to Dr. Zimmerman wanting to improve the appearance of her neck. Dr. Zimmerman discussed multiple procedures, and the patient and Dr. Zimmerman agreed to proceed with Z-plazyty. 

The Z-plazty procedure is a combination of liposuction of the neck, Renuvion skin tightening, and an ear lobe suture lift. The patient had a speedy recovery and loves her results.



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