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Edward M. Zimmerman, M.D.

Edward M. Zimmerman, M.D.


Edward M. Zimmerman, M.D. is a world-renowned cosmetic professional with years of experience who offers outstanding aesthetic care to men and women.

Staci Taylor-Zimmerman

Licensed Advanced and Master Esthetician

Staci Taylor-Zimmerman is a Licensed Advanced and Master Esthetician/Instructor with certifications in multiple states. Together with her husband, Dr. Edward Zimmerman, she owns and operates Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas.  
In addition to her prominent roles in the realm of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics, Staci is the creative force behind The DickDoc, serving as its Creator, Producer, and Director.  
Before joining Aesthetic Revolution, Staci excelled as a Sales Representative and later as a Clinical Trainer for renowned aesthetic laser manufacturers. Her profound passion for skin care and laser technology, coupled with an inherent entrepreneurial spirit, has driven her to excel in various capacities. Over the past eight years, Staci has channeled her expertise into teaching Laser Physics CME courses for medical professionals and providing valuable consultation services for Medical Aesthetic practices.  
Staci's multifaceted career reflects not only her commitment to excellence but also her dedication to education and innovation in the ever-evolving field of Aesthetics.

Skylar Meyers

Licensed Advanced and Master Aesthetician

Skylar Meyers is a Master Aesthetician, Instructor, and experienced clinical training with a background in laser technology, physics, and tissue interactions. She is currently completing her BSN while working under the tutelage of Ed Zimmerman, MD at Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Skylar has trained practitioners across the US for manufacturers of energy-based devices and several aesthetic schools. Her skills, dedication, and clinical expertise make her one of the most sought-after medical estheticians in the industry today.

Danielle Haley

Medical Assistant

Danielle is a dedicated mother to her one-year-old daughter. Alongside her motherhood journey, she is also a determined nursing student, eagerly anticipating her graduation with a BSN in August 2024. Balancing her responsibilities as a mom and student, Danielle finds fulfillment in various hobbies. She loves taking her daughter to the park, engaging in regular exercise, and indulging in the art of baking. Danielle finds great satisfaction in her work at ARLV, where she gains valuable experience and knowledge under the guidance of Dr. Zimmerman as she continues to advance in the healthcare field. 

Abby Shehan

Medical Assistant

Abby Shehan is a dedicated and compassionate medical professional, committed to providing excellent patient care and holistic healthcare approaches. She is currently enrolled in the College of Southern Nevada, working towards her associate in nursing to expand her knowledge and skills in the medical field. Beyond her academic pursuits, Abby is also a loving mother to a four-year-old child. Her ability to balance her parental responsibilities with her educational goals is a testament to her admirable dedication and exceptional time management skills. It's impressive to see how she excels both as a student and as a devoted mother. 

Taylor Meyers

Executive Assistant

Taylor, with over 12 years of experience in Customer Service and Sales, as well as 6 years as a Medical Receptionist and 3 years as a Lead Receptionist, possesses exceptional multitasking skills and attention to detail. Alongside her professional accomplishments, Taylor has a deep passion for nature, particularly trees, finding solace and happiness outdoors. As the executive assistant to the Practice Directors, she has gained invaluable insights into the inner workings of the medical industry, enhancing her abilities in scheduling, sales, account management, and customer relations. Taylor's primary focus is ensuring every office interaction leaves clients with an unforgettable experience to proudly share. 

Christina Abrams

Financial Manager

Christina, a resident who relocated to Las Vegas in 1999 from Southern California, embarked on a new career journey in November 2018 with ARLV. Prior to this, she gained expertise in various sectors such as mortgage banking, ATM/credit card processing, and the gaming industry. An avid participant in physically demanding challenges like Spartan races, Tough Mudder, and obstacle races, Christina's active lifestyle was temporarily disrupted by the Covid pandemic. However, she eagerly looks forward to reconnecting with her passion for Roller Derby once conditions permit. A strong proponent of teamwork, Christina thrives when collaborating with like-minded individuals who strive collectively towards shared objectives.

Adryana is an exceptional Patient Coordinator at Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas. With a passion for creating extraordinary experiences and building lasting client relationships, she brings a wealth of experience to the table. Previously, she worked as an event planner at Eileen Entertainment, where she skillfully coordinated special moments for clients and fostered strong connections with vendors. Outside of work, Adryana enjoys being a devoted dog mom and indulging in her love for travel and music festivals. Currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in business administration, she is committed to continuous growth. At Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas, Adryana combines her expertise, creative flair, and unwavering commitment to provide an exceptional journey for every patient. 

Adryana Perez

Client Service Coordinator

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