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While shapelier breasts are attractive, large cup sizes aren't necessarily ideal. Excessively large breasts can create physical and social challenges for women. It can lead to insecurity issues and overall embarrassment, and back, shoulder, and neck pain. Extremely large breasts can get in the way, especially for women passionate about a sport or living an active lifestyle. If the size of your breasts is affecting your quality of life, a breast reduction surgery may be worth considering.

Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman is a cosmetic surgeon in Las Vegas, Nevada, who has helped countless women regain their confidence and enjoy the life they want through cosmetic breast reduction via liposculpting. This procedure at Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas removes excess breast tissue and skin to recontour the breasts to a smaller, more balanced size. If you are interested in learning more, call our office in Las Vegas today for a private consultation.


If you suffer from extremely large and heavy breasts that interfere with everyday life, a surgical breast reduction may be what you need to achieve the contour you want. Breast reduction is ideal for women who deal with constant worry or are not able to live a fulfilled and active life because of the weight of their breasts.

If you also have consistent skin inflammations or irritations (and back pain), breast reduction surgery can greatly diminish these medical conditions. Patients should be at a stable weight and choose a skillful surgeon, like Dr. Z, who listens to their concerns and goals and has the training to create a normal and natural appearance.

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"I Loved my experience with Dr. Zimmerman. Awesome Doctor and Nurses. I Loved Monica and Dr Zimmerman!! Good results from laser treatment I had done on a Veinous Lake removal. I Love You All and will return for more work on bettering my looks.Stay Safe and Stay Strong!! *****"

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"The staff are super nice and knowledgeable. No long wait and the office is very clean. They have all of the state of the art equipment not to mention top rated Surgeon Dr.Z... he is Vegas's BEST! Guys I cant say enough about this place, I am so pleased with my results, I look 10 years younger than I am"

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Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas



Instead of having traditional surgical breast reduction that would leave you with multiple scars around the nipple and under the breast, there will be just three or four small insertion sites hidden under each breast and in the armpit crease. This procedure is done under general anesthesia.

Fat is selectively suctioned with tiny cannulas to improve breast contour, decrease droop and volume, and maintain cleavage and projection. Many women prefer this method because of the quicker recovery and less visible scarring. Modest lift and skin tightening may be achieved using laser, water-assisted, and ultrasonic liposuction techniques. 

A breast reduction surgery may also be combined with a breast lift procedure. A breast lift is a surgical procedure done to remove excess skin and improve the position of sagging breasts. Combining this with breast reduction surgery will help reduce breast size and achieve a perkier appearance.


Once surgery has been completed, you will be monitored closely for a short period and then sent home to begin the healing process. Breast reduction patients should wear a compression bra for a few days to increase blood circulation to the breasts during the immediate recovery. The breasts will naturally fall into position in a month or so, and the post-surgery effects will disappear.

Most of our patients at Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas say they feel relieved, lighter, and more confident. Following surgical breast reduction, you can enjoy the clothes you so desire and feel excited about your new contour. It is important to maintain a healthy body weight, so the outcomes are not compromised.


How much does breast reduction surgery cost?

You can review the breast reduction surgery cost with Dr. Z in your initial consultation. When he has created your treatment plan, it is easier to calculate your costs, including facility fees, anesthesia, and more. Reduction surgery usually leads to a dramatic improvement in all aspects of life, which is why our staff will help you find low-interest financing to make your treatment easy to afford. We will also help you talk to your insurance provider to see if your policy covers some of your expenses.

Will my insurance cover breast reduction?

Your health insurance might pay part of the cost of your surgery if it's considered medically necessary. If you want to use your insurance coverage, talk to Dr. Z so he can help with your claim. You should contact your insurance company to find out if your policy might pay for the surgery and the information they need. Your insurance might need measurements like weight, height, body surface area, and body mass index (BMI).

Can I breastfeed after a breast reduction?

Reduction surgery can affect breastfeeding. Although some women can still breastfeed after a surgical reduction, others cannot. It's difficult to know whether your breast reduction will interfere with breastfeeding. This is why Dr. Z suggests that patients be done with breastfeeding before considering breast reduction surgery.

Can my breasts regrow after surgery?

Following reduction surgery, your breasts may get smaller or bigger with dramatic weight changes. This is why you should be at a healthy weight prior to your surgery so you can easily maintain your new physique. In your initial consultation, Dr. Z will discuss the best ways to prepare for your reduction and what you can do after to help make sure your results last.


WITH COSMETIC BREAST REDUCTION, Dr. Z has helped so many women regain their body, mind, and spirit for a fuller life. During your consultation at Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas, Dr. Z will talk through all the steps to attain your aesthetic desires and develop a customized treatment plan to fit your goals. There's no reason to continue simply accepting the lack of confidence or discomfort that can accompany large breasts. We welcome you to call our office in Las Vegas, Nevada, to discover more about this exceptional breast reduction procedure.

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