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About The z-shot

The Z-Shot or Grafenberg spot(G spot) injection can offer powerful sexual climaxes for women when it is stimulated. To help enhance stimulation, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman offers dermal filler injections directly to the G-spot in order to temporarily enlarge the area. This allows for increased sexual gratification without the need for a major cosmetic vaginal surgery. With dermal filler injections, the G-spot becomes easier to pinpoint, leading to more stimulation. We can even use long-lasting fillers, like Bellafill, for years of improvement. To learn more about this treatment option, we invite you to contact Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas in Nevada to schedule a consultation with Dr. Z. 

Ideal Candidates For Z-shot

The Z-Shot is for any woman who wishes to enhance her sexual pleasure and experience more powerful orgasms. It's important to let Dr. Z know if you have ever had any adverse effects with dermal fillers and you should come prepared to share your general health history. Your safety and comfort is Dr. Z's top priority.

Z-shot Surgical Technique

A G-spot injection treatment takes about 15 minutes and can be performed as a lunchtime procedure in the office. Before the actual injection, Dr. Z will perform a consultation, examination, and have you locate your G-spot so he knows where to inject the Z-Shot. He may apply a local anesthetic prior to the injection if you are worried about feeling any discomfort. Next, Dr. Z will inject the dermal filler into the vaginal area. The amount of filler needed may vary from patient to patient and will be determined during the consultation. 

What to Expect In Z-shot

After your treatment, Dr. Z will provide you with the appropriate aftercare instructions to ensure optimal results. Upon receiving G-spot vaginal revitalization injections, 87% of women in a study had enhanced sexual arousal and gratification. Results may vary, but Z-Shots typically last for about six months. Follow-up treatments can be scheduled in order to help maintain results. 

Z-shot Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Z-Shot cost?
The cost of your Z-Shot(G spot injection treatment) will depend on facility fees, anesthetic, and the type of filler used for your treatment. Once Dr. Z examines you and creates a treatment plan, he can discuss your costs. Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas accepts many payments and often offers monthly promos so be sure to ask about our latest special during your consultation. 

How many treatments?
Typically, most of our patients notice results after one treatment. However, the frequency of your visits will depend on the longevity of your results and personal preferences. 

How long does it last?
On average, a Z-Shot can last about 4 – 6 months, but these results can be extended, depending on the type of filler used and how quickly your body absorbs the filler. Dr. Z frequently uses Bellafill because it can last up to one year. 

Can I combine with another treatment?
Yes. You can combine a Z-Shot with another treatment. Many of our patients opt for an O-Shot in addition to their Z-Shot for ultra stimulation. The O-Shot utilizes your own platelet-rich plasma to help promote sensitivity in the clitoris for improved orgasm and overall vaginal health. To learn more, visit our O-Shot procedure page.  

Learn More About Z-shot

If you desire increased sexual stimulation through minimally invasive techniques, then G-spot injections may be the ideal treatment for your needs. At Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas, Dr. Z is proud to offer this innovative form of treatment for Las Vegas, NV women. Contact our facility to learn more or to schedule your initial consultation at our practice. 

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