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About Vaginal Rejuvenation

With the effects of childbirth, menopause, and aging, the tissue and skin of the outer and inner vagina can lose elasticity, causing functional complications. Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation employs the use of modern technology to strengthen the inner vagina to address complications with stress incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and vaginal dryness. Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation works by strengthening the interior and exterior vaginal tissue to stimulate the body's natural collagen production. It's an exciting, noninvasive alternative to treat medical conditions and help restore the body's natural appearance. For more information about nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation, arrange a consultation with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman at Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV.

Types of Rejuvenation

At Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas, we are pleased to offer the following nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation technologies:

FemTouch is an outpatient, minimally invasive laser vaginal procedure that stimulates new collagen production for healthier tissue. FemTouch is an innovative CO2 energy system that applies precise and controlled laser microbeams on the vaginal lining. This allows stimulation of new tissue growth by safely triggering collagen production. During the treatment, Dr. Z will move the sterilized applicator along the vaginal wall in an outward motion, applying the laser in a 360º pattern covering the entire area in 20 – 30 minutes.

An in-office treatment, ThermiVa is a vaginal rejuvenation process that uses radio frequency to deliver controlled thermal energy to treated areas of the external labia and/or internal lips. ThermiVa works by contracting vaginal tissues into tighter bundles, as well as stimulating natural collagen production to maintain the strength of the tissue over time. No anesthetics are required for ThermiVa treatment, which is typically administered in a series of three separate sessions over a period of three months. This treatment helps to improve urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity, and orgasms.

Emsella is an innovative technology that has revolutionized women's health and wellness by providing a fully clothed, noninvasive treatment option for urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity. Emsella effectively stimulates the pelvic floor muscles with thousands of contractions to aid in stronger, healthier muscles. This process enables more muscle control and bladder restraint. Patients can sit comfortably on the Emsella treatment chair (fully clothed) for 25 – 30 minutes. Typically, we recommend 4 – 6 treatments for optimal results.

Ideal Candidates For Vaginal Rejuvenation

You might be a good candidate for this procedure if you are suffering from vaginal difficulties or aesthetic concerns but do not want to undergo surgery. Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation tightens your vaginal canal, addresses urinary incontinence, allows for increased production of natural vaginal moisture and lubrication, minimizes sex-related pain, and amplifies sexual pleasure and climax. It also reveals dramatic results without a long recovery. Most patients can return to their daily activities immediately following treatment.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure Technique

Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation can be completed in our office in about 30 minutes. No anesthesia is necessary for the treatment. To complete the procedure, a wand-shaped handpiece will be maneuvered around the exterior labia and vulva, unless you are receiving the Emsella treatment. Depending on the decided course of rejuvenation, the wand may also be placed inside of your vagina as the controlled, laser emission energizes the tissues and vaginal skin to promote the production of collagen, which strengthens the area. A thermometer is built into the handpiece so that the temperature can be monitored and manipulated as necessary to prevent discomfort or injury.

What to Expect in Vaginal Rejuvenation

There is typically no recovery period or downtime associated with this procedure. Patients can return to their daily activities following the treatment. For the best results, Dr. Z recommends you receive multiple treatments. Many patients see results after each session while some could take up to three months to fully form. These results typically last about 18 months so yearly touch-ups will help you maintain them.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Frequently Asked Questions

How much does vaginal rejuvenation cost?
Vaginal rejuvenation technology has come very far in recent years, helping to bring the costs down. Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation is priced based on what is being addressed and how many sessions are needed to achieve the appropriate outcome. Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas realizes this procedure is an important process for many women as they gain back their confidence and improve the look, feel, and function of their intimate area. Therefore, we work with our patients on flexible payment plans and financing so they can afford and achieve the results they desire.

Does vaginal rejuvenation work?
Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation can improve vaginal laxity. It may also help with overall sexual dysfunction due to dryness, looseness, and other issues. In addition, it can help improve the aesthetic look and feel. More and more women are turning to this procedure because of its outstanding outcomes.

Does vaginal rejuvenation treat loose skin?
Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation is recommended for women who seek a higher degree of vaginal tightness within the vaginal walls. Events, such as childbirth, a massive weight loss, or even aging, can strain the internal muscles and create laxity, which can be improved with one of our innovative treatments. Women who have loose skin, such as an oversized or stretched labia majora, may be better candidates for a surgical procedure, such as labiaplasty. This cosmetic surgery procedure removes the excess skin along the inner or outer labia for a more pleasing aesthetic appearance.

Can I combine vaginal rejuvenation with other procedures?
New moms and weight loss patients alike commonly combine nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation with other treatments, like a mommy makeover or labiaplasty, to correct vaginal laxity and aesthetic. There are many factors to consider and numerous combination approaches to help attain the right result.

What is the recovery from vaginal rejuvenation like?
During your consultation, we will discuss with you how many sessions it will take to get the best results. There is no pain or downtime associated with the use of nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation. You should be able to resume your day as usual after the appointment. We do recommend refraining from using tampons or engaging in sexual intercourse for several days after the treatment to allow the treated area to properly heal.

Restore your Confidence With Vaginal Rejuvenation

Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation is an incredible option if you wish to combat some of the effects of childbirth, aging, and menopause. It may also rejuvenate the appearance of your vagina. For more information about this procedure, call our Las Vegas office today. Dr. Z will be happy to sit down with you to discuss all your options. 

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