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About Breast Augmentation

Breast enhancement surgery with a fat transfer is a procedure that redefines the breasts for a fuller look. It is known as one of the most wanted cosmetic surgeries, granting women who dislike their breasts with an opportunity for improvement. With fat grafting, this cosmetic treatment improves breast size, volume, and shape, producing a beautifully balanced outcome. Las Vegas, NV cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman is highly trained in implementing this procedure and performs many breast augmentations year round. When you have your consultation at Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas, Dr. Z will address your aesthetic desires and concerns, while also tailoring a treatment plan to meet your personal goals.

Ideal Candidates For Breast Augmentation

The decision to undergo mammoplasty (breast augmentation) surgery is personal. If you are considering this surgery, it is essential you do it for yourself. You should be healthy and at a normal weight with breasts that are formed, and be the right age to receive implants. If you are unhappy with the size and shape of your chest because they look shapeless, you could benefit from this surgery. Moreover, if your breasts have changed due to age, pregnancy, or weight loss, this cosmetic treatment can give them life with increased shape and fullness. It is a welcomed answer if you weight train or have limited native breast mass.

Breast Augmentation Surgical Technique

Cosmetic breast surgery with a fat transfer is an outpatient procedure that is performed with the patient under general anesthesia. First, fat is removed from an area of the body that has excess tissue, like the thighs, flanks, or abdomen via liposuction. The fat is then placed in a centrifuge machine to remove any impurities. Once the fat is purified, it is injected into the breasts to create a fuller bust. Fat placement is based upon your current contour and desired size. Dr. Z will mark the designated injection sites prior to your fat placement, which is typically discussed during your initial consultation. 

What to Expect In Breast Augmentation

Each patient will be taken into a recovery area afterward to be observed and monitored prior to their release. You will be instructed to continue wearing a medical sports bra to help reduce swelling. Several days after surgery, the swelling will begin to dissipate, and the breasts will start to look and feel normal as they get used to their new position. A large percentage of patients can resume everyday activities within several days; however, physical exertion, such as exercise, should be delayed for a minimum of a couple of months. Cosmetic breast surgery produces gorgeous outcomes that feel and appear normal. This procedure oftentimes can be a life changer for many individuals, offering them the opportunity to feel more confident.

Breast Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

How much does breast augmentation cost?
Your cost for breast augmentation will vary, depending on your choices and whether you are getting any other surgeries. When your treatment plan is made, Dr. Z will go over estimated costs, as well as financing. To make sure you are happy with your results and they last a long time, it is better to focus on quality over low costs.

Any risks of a fat transfer breast augmentation?
As with any cosmetic surgery, there are risks. This is why it's important to educate yourself and have realistic expectations. After a fat transfer, there is typically a small amount of fat tissue that will naturally be lost, which may require a secondary treatment. There is also the risk of developing a cyst or infection. This is why it's important to discuss all your concerns with Dr. Z and follow all aftercare instructions carefully. 

Fat transfer vs. implants?
A fat transfer is a more natural method for achieving your cosmetic goals and has the added benefit of slimming another area of the body (where the fat was removed). Traditional breast augmentation uses silicone or saline implants that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Dr. Z only offers breast augmentation with a fat transfer but can educate you on the differences between implants and an adipose transfer.

Can I combine with another procedure?
Yes. Many of our patients opt for a multi-surgery plan to attain their cosmetic goals. Be sure to talk to Dr. Z during your consultation about all your goals and concerns so he can address all your needs with a tailored treatment plan.

Get the Look You Want With A Breast Augmentation Procedure

Cosmetic breast surgery is popular for many excellent reasons. This cosmetic surgery is a safe and effective method for creating amazing outcomes. With numerous enhancement considerations, you can have the appearance you have always wanted. Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas is proud to offer this proven treatment and we welcome you to learn more. Contact our office to schedule your first visit with Dr. Z.

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