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How will my waist change after tummy tuck surgery

Are you unhappy with your waistline? Excess skin and fat accumulation around the abdomen can be frustrating, even if you are at a healthy weight. Tummy tuck surgery can create a smoother and more toned appearance you love. Board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz offers many cutting-edge techniques that achieve excellent results.

A tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) is a well-known cosmetic procedure for improving your midsection. If you want to make a lasting change, call for a consultation in Beverly Hills, CA. We look forward to hearing about your body contouring goals.

What causes problem areas around the waist?

Weight gain or loss, pregnancy, age, and genetics are all factors that impact your waistline and confidence. Diet and exercise may improve your appearance to some degree but may not be enough to create a toned look.

Some people turn to liposuction to slim down the waist, but this procedure does not address excess skin. A tummy tuck is a more comprehensive solution because it removes hanging skin and fat deposits at the same time.

How is a tummy tuck performed?

Dr. Schwartz has a signature tummy tuck technique that creates a contoured waistline and defines your natural curves. An extended tummy tuck helps individuals with skin laxity above and below the belly button, including the hips and waist. On the other hand, a mini tuck mainly addresses loose skin below the belly button. Dr. Schwartz can review these options for abdominoplasty and more during an initial assessment in Beverly Hills, CA.

What results can I expect?

Most patients report excellent results after tummy tuck surgery. You can expect a flatter abdomen and slimmer waistline. The new contours are long-lasting, but weight gain and future pregnancies may impact your outcomes. We recommend undergoing body contouring treatments when you are near your goal weight and are finished having children. Of course, patients are welcome to return for touch-up procedures if needed in the future.

Can I combine a tummy tuck with other procedures?

Yes, many of Dr. Schwartz’s patients combine their abdominoplasty with other treatments. For example, a breast lift removes excess skin around the breasts and tightens the underlying tissue for a perkier appearance. This is known as a mommy makeover, and it's a popular way to address concerns associated with pregnancy and childbirth. If you are interested in combining procedures, Dr. Schwartz will develop a custom plan to address all of your issues.

What about scarring?

All cosmetic procedures leave scars, but Dr. Schwartz is a skilled surgeon who takes great care to minimize their appearance. We always place incisions in strategic locations where they are easily hidden by clothing or undergarments. In most cases, scars fade over time and become barely visible. We can provide additional information about scar management during your body contouring consultation and follow-up appointments.

Transform your waistline

Even small problem areas around the waistline can make you feel self-conscious. Call to schedule a consultation with board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz and learn how tummy tuck surgery can transform your appearance. Ask about our cutting-edge techniques during an abdominoplasty consultation in Beverly Hills, CA.



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