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Lipo with fat transfer to Buttocks

Dr Zimmerman has performed thousands of liposuction cases since the late 1990’s. Abdomens, legs, upper arms, backs, male chests and even breasts can be sculpted to remove excess, unwanted fat deposits. Manual tumescent lipo, Power Assisted Lipo, Laser Assisted Lipo, Body Jet (Water Assisted) lipo and Hi-Def liposelection are our bread and butter. Dr. Z has trained with leader in the art and science of liposculpting in both the United States, Europe and South America to master these techniques and has trained dozens of other doctors in his innovative combining of these technologies.


Good morning out in SEO Land. This is Dr. Z at Las Vegas Laser & Lipo. Today we're going to bring you something special. We're going to give you some clips and some video and some insight as we do some rotary lipo-sculpting, tumescent rotary lipo-sculpting, followed by some fat grafting to the butt. We're going to create a brand new tush here in Las Vegas. We're going to use fat, we're going to use Sculptra, and we might even use some absorbable threads. Stay tuned.

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