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Male Enlargement   in Las Vegas, NV

Increase the Size of Your "Pickle" in Under 1 Hour & Supercharge Your Confidence

What is the
HapPenis® Procedure?

2.4+ Million Followers on Tik Tok

Tik Tok sensation Dr. Edward Zimmerman is the #1 choice for male enhancement procedures in the Las Vegas area.

Long-Lasting Girth

Most patients gain between half an inch to an inch an a half.

Pain-Free & Non-Surgical

You will experience minimal disfomfort. About as exciting as going to the dentist to fix a cavity.


Under 60 Minutes

Procedure lasts less than one hour.


Natural-Looking Results

You will look larger than before but still natural-looking.

Types of Enhancements
Our proprietary treatment, called the “HapPenis® Procedure” is safe and effective, enabling an extra boost of confidence and enjoyment for you and your partner. We offer two choices to add the appearance of length at rest and enhance the overall size/girth of the penis when it is both flaccid and erect. You can discuss which option is best for you during your initial consultation.


An Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection of your own fat. Can help improve girth and overall penile performance. It's not only a male enhancement but may help with erectile dysfunction, and the appearance of Peyronie's disease.


FDA-Approved Dermal Fillers

Can be used on their own or in combination with an ALMI Shot. We offer a variety of injectables, such as Versa, Radiesse, Bellafill and others to help enhance your girth.

HAPPENIS®:   Transform Your Confidence &

Supercharge Your Sex Life

Boost Self-Confidence

Never feel self conscious about the size of your penis affecting your intimamte moments.

Enhance Your Sex Life

Satisfy your partner, achieve greater intimacy and enjoy a more satisfying and passionate physical connection.

Safe & Risk-Free

The HapPenis® male enhancement procedure has minimal risks and side effects so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Trustworthy Doctor

Dr. Zimmerman respects your privacy. Expect a 100% discreet consultation and procedure.

HapPenis® Procedure: What to Expect

Manscape & Measurements

You will manscape so that Dr. Z can perform the procedure without any obstructions. He will take then take measurements to compare before and after results.



Dr. Zimmerman will gently numb the area to make you as comfortable as possible and feel no pain.


Procedure Is Performed

We perform the HapPenis® Procedure with your volumizer of choice. The procedure takes less than one hour to complete.


Rest at Home (Or In Your Vegas Hotel)

You can expect to experience some redness, bruising, and swelling for a few days following treatment, but you can return to regular activities. Enjoy Vegas if you are visiting, or enjoy home if you live here.



You will return to the clinic after 3-4 days for a quick check-up. If you are from out of town, ideally you should come for your check-up before you leave Vegas. You can also expect a 1-month check-up which can be done via Zoom or in-person if you live in Vegas.

“10 stars is the only way to describe Dr. Z and staff! Over the years they have changed my life. I would also like to add that Dr. Z is a very rare doctor, he actually cares about his patients and listens to you. Hands down the best!”
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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the HapPenis Procedure®

The cost of your “HapPenis Procedure®” will depend on the type of treatment you select–but it can range from $6,500 to $8,500 if we do not use your own fat. During your consultation, Dr. Z will create your custom treatment plan and estimate your costs. These cosmetic treatments are not covered by any insurance.

Yes. Micronized fat grafting (ALMI) has not only been of help in improving resting length of flaccid members and flaccid and erect girth but overall function. Dermal fillers only help with size, ALMI can help to increase blood flow and tissue healing, which in some cases, has improved erectile dysfunction.
Regardless of the type of size enhancement procedure you receive, you will likely experience some mild bruising, soreness, and swelling. However, these symptoms are temporary and should dissipate after a few days. Typically, Dr. Z recommends that patients wait at least 3 weeks before engaging in sexual activity. This can vary from patient to patient, depending on the healing rate and treatment type. Talk to Dr. Z about your concerns so he can give you his best recommendation for your safety and comfort.

The “HapPenis Procedure®” does not require a prescription like other erectile dysfunction medications. None of the risks or inconvenient side effects exist with these non-surgical penile enlargement options and the girth is always there, so you don’t have to plan ahead and remember to take a pill. A penile enlargement treatment is also a great option for gentlemen who cannot take oral medication. However, increased girth works with oral medications to make your relations even better.

About Dr. Zimmerman
Leading Cosmetic Surgeon in Las Vegas

Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman, a renowned Las Vegas cosmetic surgeon, leads Aesthetic Revolution. Specializing in cosmetic surgery, he is internationally recognized for pioneering laser technology. With awards like the “Patient’s Choice Award 2018” and “Top 10 Las Vegas Doctor,” he is commited to safety and education. Also known as “The Dic Doc on TikTok,” Dr. Zimmerman regularly educates his 2.4 million followers about male enhancement and men’s health.

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