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It is common for many men to feel self-conscious about the size of their genitals. However, thanks to a variety of penile enhancement treatments, you have several options to choose from to elevate your resting size and especially your girth. Seasoned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman at Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas offers micronized fat grafting (ALMI), and FDA-approved dermal fillers to add the appearance of length at rest and enhance the overall size/girth of the penis when it is both flaccid and erect. This proprietary procedure called the “HapPenis Procedure®” is safe and effective, enabling an extra boost of confidence and enjoyment for you and your partner. If you’re concerned with your current size, then we invite you to schedule a consultation at our Las Vegas, NV practice. Dr. Z is highly experienced and will perform each step with your privacy and discretion in mind. Call today to learn more about the “HapPenis Procedure®” for penile enlargement to gain back your competitive edge.


Dr. Zimmerman is pleased to offer a select list of penile enlargement treatments to help enhance not only your size but sexual enjoyment as well. The initial step is to undergo a private consultation with Dr. Z to discuss your specific concerns. During this time, he can go over all your options and make a recommendation on which option may be best for you. Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas offers the following variations to the “HapPenis Procedure®”:

ALMI – is an Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection of your own fat, that has been shown to help improve girth and overall penile performance. It’s not only a male enhancement but may help with erectile dysfunction, and the appearance of Peyronie’s disease.
Dermal fillers – can be used on their own or in combination with an ALMI Man Shot. We offer a variety of injectables, such as Versa, Radiesse, Bellafill and others to help enhance your girth.


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You may be an ideal candidate for penile enlargement (the “HapPenis Procedure®”) if you: Feel self-conscious about your current size Would like to increase the appearance of length and actual girth Desire increased sexual pleasure for you and your partner Are looking for a non-surgical solution Want natural-looking results


Once a treatment plan has been developed and the appropriate injectable(s) for the “HapPenis Procedure®” has been decided, your procedure appointment can be scheduled. You can eat normally and drive to and from your appointment or have someone else drive if you would like to take a mild sedative, but this procedure is about as exciting as going to your dentist to fix a cavity or crown. We even have ProNox available for your comfort. At the start of your procedure, we will gently numb the area with lidocaine to make you as comfortable as possible. This proprietary procedure is very simple and usually takes under an hour to complete. You can expect to experience some redness, bruising, and swelling for several days following treatment, but there should not be a significant recovery period. We also recommend that you refrain from sexual activities for about three weeks afterward for your safety, comfort and optimal results.


Your results will depend on the original size and shape of your penis, as well as which treatment option(s) is chosen. With traditional dermal fillers, your results will typically last about one year before maintenance sessions are recommended to re-volumize. There is a long-lasting (years), synthetic volumizer available as well. It has been very popular and we have patients over 6 years out with satisfactory results. The longevity of fat grafting will vary from patient to patient but usually lasts years as well. These treatments generally make a noticeable improvement in the appearance of length, actual girth, and sexual pleasure. During your consult, talk to Dr. Z about how often you return for follow-up treatments or further enhancement!


How much does a male enhancement cost?

The cost of your “HapPenis Procedure®” will depend on the type of treatment you select–micronized fat grafting (ALMI), absorbable dermal fillers or a long-lasting volumizer, and your unique needs and conditions. During your consultation, Dr. Z will create your custom treatment plan and estimate your costs. These cosmetic treatments are not covered by any insurance.

When can I have sex?

Yes. micronized fat grafting (ALMI) has not only been of help in improving resting length of flaccid members and flaccid and erect girth but overall function. Dermal fillers only help with size, ALMI can help to increase blood flow and tissue healing, which in some cases, has improved erectile dysfunction. Dr. Z also offers several other nonsurgical treatments that can help. To learn more, please visit our P-Shot and erectile dysfunction pages.

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