Miniaturization of the hair follicle is the clinical hallmark of balding. Certain studies have established that stem cells residing in the scalp remain at persistent numbers, but the conversion of stem cells to the progenitor cells required for follicle stimulation and cycling is reduced in balding patients. Efforts to assist in this regeneration of the hair follicle may induce a more robust and stronger recycling of the hair follicle. Once these stem cells are administered, they have the ability to re-activate dormant follicles, forming new cells of mesenchymal origin.

ALMI Patient Testimonial

I got to really, really say Dr. Z and his team here at Amazing Las Vegas Laser and Lipo. I had my ALMI fat transfer and six sessions done. He regrew my hairline, thickened up my hair, so I highly recommend it. It's absolutely, absolutely amazing the way they've done it. The staff here is great, the doc is great, and definitely, definitely give it a shot if you're thinning out your hair. It's a great way to get the thickness back and really, really change the way you look. Again, thanks a lot and give it a try.