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EON Laser in Las Vegas, NV

100% safe FDA approve EON Laser in Las Vegas

The unique robotic arm of the device also deserves comment. This technology is similar to the robotic devices used
in automated manufacturing and assembly lines, where their precisely controlled motions can perform repetitive tasks with higher reliability and more stamina than the human arm.

About EON

EON is the technological benchmark in touchless robotic laser body contouring. Industry leading laser and cooling technology is coupled with years of scientific research a nd clinical trials. FDA cleared for abdominal fat reduction, EON provides an unsurpassed patient experience that delivers efficacy, efficiency, and ease of use that you can trust.

Founded in Science

Our Scientific Advisory Committee methodically led study after study to ultimately bring EON’s technology to the market. The team is comprised of renowned physicians and experts in medical laser aesthetics.

Simulated Tissue Study – Determined ideal laser wavelength for fat reduction. Cooling Validation Study – Optimized power delivery using EON’s unique scanning and cooling mechanism of delivery on live porcine.

Thermal Distribution Study – Validated heat distribution over the course of a treatment in a simulated phantom.

EON Safety & Efficacy Validation Study – Multi-site clinical study confirmed EON’s safety and efficacy on patients receiving a full abdominal treatment. Resulted in FDA clearance for abdominal fat reduction.

Thermal Penetration Study – Enhanced power protocols for maximum effectiveness using thermocouples at varying depths in patients undergoing abdominoplasties.

Post-Marketing Study – Proved EON’s industry-best efficiency & efficacy

How does EON work?

EON heats targeted fat cells uniformly up to 51°C (123.8°F) while proprietary cooling technology keeps skin cool and comfortable.

Targeted fat cells begin slow programmed cell death (apoptosis). The body naturally disposes of the dead fat cells through the lymphatic system, a process that takes up to 12 weeks.

EON heats targeted fat cells uniformly up to 51°C (123.8°F) while proprietary cooling technology keeps skin cool and comfortable.


-1064nm laser that heats adipose tissue up to an industry leading 51°C (123.8°F).

-Higher temperatures are more effective in inducing apoptosis (slow cell death) in more fat cells.

-Intelligent robotic movements deliver consistent treatment outcomes.



-6.3mm average fat thickness reduction

-4.1cm/1.6in circumferential reduction

-Most patients lost up to 2 belt sizes off their waistline

-21-25% average fat reduction


-Proprietary skin cooling technology allows for hotter laser energy to be distributed, eliminating more fat in less time.

-EON treatments eliminate the need for time consuming applicators that require gels, straps, suction, or post-treatment massages – reducing time spent at your practitioner’s office.

-Prior to treatment, EON’s smart sensor technology maps each patient’s unique body contours.

Before & After Treatment

Untouched Patient Results at 12 Weeks After a Single Treatmen

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EON® right for me?

- EON treatments are ideal for people with areas of stubborn fat that diet and exercise cannot remove. Ideally, the body mass index (BMI) is below 30. Consult with your EON provider to see if a treatment is right for you

How does EON® work?
  • Personalized treatment mapping, application of 1064nm laser energy, and simultaneous cooling allows for robotic, touchless treatments for targeted apoptotic fat reduction.
  • Smart sensor technology maps your body’s unique topography for a personalized experience
  • Robotic technology provides a safe, consistent, and effective treatments •
  • Proprietary jet-impingement cooling technology is the world’s most efficient skin cooling system to keep you comfortable for the duration of the treatment.
  • Laser energy transmits through the skin and preferentially heats fat cells to temperatures that cause it to undergo apoptosis — gentle fat cell death. Dead fat cells are eliminated by the lymphatic system over the course of 12 weeks. Visible results can be seen as early as 6 week.
How does the treatment feel?

- Your EON treatment experience will be comfortable, safe, and convenient. In clinical trials, participants were asked to rate their comfort level on a scale of 1-10 (1=extremely comfortable, and 10=painful). The average comfort level rating was below 3. In addition, touchless technology also means no required gels or applicators, no clean up, no post-treatment care, minimal side effects, and no downtime

What areas can i get treated?

- Currently, EON is FDA cleared for full abdominal fat reduction. More indications are coming soon

Is there any downtime?

Unlike traditional options, no clean up or post-treatment care is necessary. There is no downtime with EON. You can go back to your day immediately following treatment

What results can i expect?

Although results vary among individuals, studies show patients experienced 21.6% average fat reduction (25.3% in the lower abdomen) after a single 60-minute treatment. Some patients lost as much as 40%. Best results are seen at 12 weeks

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments is based on the amount of desired fat removal. EON averages 21.6% fat reduction in a single treatment. Those that desire further fat reduction can choose to have more treatments after 6 weeks

How long does each treatment take?

A full abdominal treatment typically is 3 segments, 20-minute treatments per segment. The average patient can have their abdomen fully treated in 60 minutes

Is treatment with EON® safe?

Yes, EON has been proven safe and is FDA cleared.

How much does a treatment cost?

EON treatment prices may vary by location, so please consult your EON provider. In general, full abdominal treatments range from $3,000-$4,000.

Could I be ineligible for an EON® treatment?

Yes. There are some contraindications that would prohibit eligibility for an EON treatment. Please consult your EON provider. Is EON® appropriate for all skin types? Yes. EON can be used on all skin types

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