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Dr. Brad Case Training Testimonial

Almi Training Testimonial


Hi, I'm Dr. Brad Case. I'm a general vascular surgeon from Western Colorado. I have incorporated aesthetic surgery and medicine into my practice over the last several years.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank Dr. Zimmerman for putting on a fabulous teaching conference on the all-new procedure, which I have attended now for the second time in the last six weeks. Why? Because he is a master injector, a fantastic clinician, and is just super in terms of conveying the information to practitioners like myself who are being introduced to new technologies and just the latest in the field.

And I'd like to say, this particular conference is just different than anything else I've ever attended. I mean, I've been going to conferences as a professional now for almost 30 years now. And this one is head and shoulders above anything else I've gone to, and I'm talking about advanced laparoscopy, vascular conferences, and the usual American College of Surgeons conferences that we all attend.

Hats off to Dr. Zimmerman, fabulous job down here. Awesome layout. Great staff. And he is just so approachable. He drops clinical pearls every couple of minutes. You can hardly keep up with writing things that he's conveying to you during the conference that'll really help you with your day-to-day practice.

So thanks again, Dr. Zimmerman.

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