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A torn earlobe occurs when the tissue of the earlobe is ripped or split.


  • Earring Injuries: Heavy earrings or earrings with sharp edges can snag and tear the earlobe, especially if the clasp breaks or loosens.
  • Gauges: Removing large gauge earrings can leave a significant tear in the earlobe.
  • Accidental Snags: The earlobe can be torn by accidentally getting caught on clothing, jewelry, or other objects.


A torn earlobe can leave the earlobe looking uneven, misshapen, or with a visible hole.


Treatment for torn earlobes depends on the severity of the tear.

  • Minor Tears: Minor tears may heal on their own with proper care, such as cleaning the wound and avoiding wearing earrings for a period of time.
  • Larger Tears: Larger tears or those that require immediate attention may benefit from earlobe repair surgery performed by a doctor or dermatologist. This procedure typically involves stitching the torn edges together to close the gap and restore a more natural appearance.


If you experience a torn earlobe, consult a doctor to determine the best course of treatment, especially for larger tears or those that are bleeding significantly.

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