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Stretched earlobes occur when the tissue of the earlobe gradually thins and elongates due to the weight or pressure of heavy earrings worn over a long period.


Wearing heavy earrings, such as large hoops or dangly styles, puts constant strain on the earlobe tissue. Over time, this weight can cause the piercings to stretch and the earlobe to become elongated.


Stretched earlobes appear longer and thinner than normal earlobes. The size of the hole may also increase.


The degree of reversal for stretched earlobes depends on the severity of the stretching.

  • Mild Stretching: Removing heavy earrings and allowing the earlobes time to heal can sometimes help them shrink back somewhat.
  • Significant Stretching: For more significant stretching, earlobe repair surgery may be an option. This surgery aims to remove excess tissue and reshape the earlobe to achieve a closer resemblance to its original size and appearance.


Consult a doctor or dermatologist to discuss treatment options for stretched earlobes. They can assess the severity and recommend the most suitable approach.

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