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Amazing! – My husband and I both had the O-Shot and all I can say is…WOW. We were both a bit skeptical but since I’ve had many other procedures, all with very positive results done by Dr. Z, we decided to give it a shot. Was it worth it? YES. my husband said he has never had such intense orgasms and the same goes for me. I also had the G-Shot (which enlarges a woman’s G-spot by injecting it with Artefill….kind of embarrassing but he and the nurses make you feel totally at ease) and I now have vaginal orgasms which I never had before. My husband is considerably larger (girth-wise) and after being married for 20 years, we are like teenagers! It’s crazy! I have also had him do fillers on my face, Botox, CoolSculpt, and lipo. Dr. Z is truly an artist. I would ever let any other cosmetic surgeon touch my face or body because Dr. Z is truly the BEST at what he does.

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