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4 Holiday Bundles at Aesthetic Revolution LV You Won’t Want To Pass Up!

The holidays are oh so merry and bright at Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas! Right now, we are offering huge discounts on your favorite skincare and body care treatments. Whether you’re looking to keep your holiday glow or wear your best party dress with a slimmer, more toned body, our holiday bundles are here to help you do all that!

Merry & Bright $1,850 (Worth $5,400)

Our Merry & Bright bundle is all about your skin and making you or someone you love glow well into the new year!

This bundle includes 6 PiQo4™ treatments, 3 Milan ZK Peels, and 6 V Zone Eye Treatments to even out your skin tone, get rid of melasma, eliminate age spots, and tighten your skin.

This package is worth $5,400 total, but with our Merry & Bright bundle, you’ll pay only $1,850 to get the full benefits of these three powerful treatments in one! That’s a $3,550 savings!


6 PiQo4™ - Melasma + Rx or Laser Facial ($2,100) $900
3 Milan ZK Peels ($1,500) $800
6 V Zone Eye Treatments ($2,100) $450

New Year’s Resolution $2,850 (Worth $5,800)

New year, new you! Our New Year’s Resolution bundle is the perfect bundle for looking fit and fab in the new year.

This bundle packages 5 Emsculpt treatments and 2 EON segments to burn fat, build and tone muscles, and sculpt your body for a more fit and athletic look! No surgery, no pain, and no downtime. Emsculpt and EON are the power couple you need for a new you this new year!

Our New Year’s Resolution also includes 6 laser tattoo removal treatments using the Lumenis PiQo4 system. It’s an incredibly safe and gentle treatment to get rid of your tattoos and give your skin a fresh start this new year.


4 Emsculpt ($3,000) $1,400
2 EON segments ($2,000) $1,350
6 Tattoo removal treatments (3.5’ x 2’) at ($600) $300

The Naughty List $1,500 (Worth $4,150)

Erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, or difficulty getting hard can really put a damper on your holiday romance. But there’s a way to restore your sexual health.

Enjoy a happy, healthy, and naughty relationship with Aesthetic Revolution LV’s The Naughty List bundle! This bundle packages 6 treatments of Acoustic Shockwave Therapy with 1 P Shot injection so you can express your passion with your partner this holiday season.

Acoustic Shockwave Therapy stimulates blood flow and helps grow new blood vessels while P-shot injections contain growth and healing factors that promote the regeneration of erectile tissues. By combining these two treatments, we can help you regain your confidence in bed.

Get the Naughty List for only $1,500 for a naughty holiday!

6 Acoustic Shockwave Therapy - 15 minutes ($2,400) $900
1 P Shot - ($1,750) $975

Oh, Holy Night $3,500 (Worth $8,100)

A beautiful lady part attracts your partner and the better it looks, the more your partner craves it. Not only does the appearance of your vagina make your partner happier, but it also improves your confidence and overall sexual health!

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your vag, ask for the Oh, Holy Night bundle! This bundle packages 1 O Shot injection, 3 ThermiVa treatments, 6 Emsella treatments, and 3 Pink Intimate Peels.

Combining these vaginal rejuvenation treatments offers a very quick way to improve your sexual pleasure, increase natural lubrication, help with incontinence, and achieve a sexier vagina.

Put the Oh! back in your life this holiday season with our Oh, Holy Night bundle!


1 O Shot - ($1,750) $975
3 ThermiVa + 6 Emsella Tx - 4 weeks apart ($5,600) $2,850
3 Pink Intimate Peels - 4 weeks apart ($500)

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These bundles can be purchased as gifts and are good until December 31, 2022, so hurry before they are gone! Call us to schedule your appointment at Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas.

We serve patients in Nevada including Winchester, Sunrise Manor, Paradise, Spring Valley, Henderson, and many more.



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