Female in her 20s received liposuction of her torso

Procedure Details

Female in her 20s came to Dr. Zimmerman with the desire to improve her abdominal contours. She had genetic fullness of the love handles that were resistant to diet and exercise. She had previously tried SculpSure which reduced her love handles, however, she would still need more treatments over a period of time. Dr. Zimmerman recommended liposuction of the torso to help bring her love handles back into the proportion to her body. Dr. Zimmerman pulled off a gallon of fat and added 120 mLs to the left lateral buttock where she had a mild deficit. She had a speedy recovery and returned to her normal actives in a timely manner. These pictures are 6 weeks after her procedure and she still has mild swelling. She is super happy and is excited to wear her bikini for her birthday vacation.


Our Las Vegas, NV Facility

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